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Dedicated Practice Support from Year One to Retirement

Nothing promotes the health of a dental practice more than great doctor-patient relationships and excellent practice culture. To ensure nothing interferes with these goals, Resolute Dental Partner (RDP) provides support for all aspects of dental practice management outside of direct patient care. This means you can focus on what is most important to you; exceptional clinical care for your patients.

No matter which stage of your professional journey you are in, whether you are a new clinician, mid-career solo doctor or group, nearing retirement, or looking to join our team, we have a solution for you.

Our Select Services

Centralized Strategic Support

RDP leadership includes a Regional Director and specialized teams that assist in practice management, staff support, career development, and practice transitions. Resolute also provides:
  • Centralized Human Resources: Doctor and staff recruitment, employee benefits administration, team member onboarding, payroll and more…
  • Financial Strategies (billing services, insurance & PPO negotiating power)
  • Real Estate & Dental Office Management
  • Vendor group purchasing power for best pricing
  • SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning

Support Services

RDP supports the long-term success of its practices through innovative marketing efforts and investments in training and education for dentists and their team members. Along with taking on the burden of practice management, we provide:
  • Coordinated Marketing Efforts
  • Scheduling Strategies
  • Office-to-Office Staff Support
  • Team Training and Resources
  • Technology Development and Support

Career Development

RDP offers sustained partial local ownership of acquired practices and the education and support you need to develop your career further. In addition, we provide:
  • On-Call Executive Team
  • Resources and Training
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Dedicated Mentorship
  • Higher Profit Earnings

Practice Transitions

RDP facilitates a more lucrative and efficient exit strategy for retiring dentists through equity buyouts, creative earn-outs, and transitional partnerships. Resolute has a custom option that will fit your goals. As you transition, we provide:
  • Support Services
  • Local Management
  • Office Support Staff
  • Financial Strategies
  • Full Benefits
  • Retirement Planning

RDP is the support system you’re looking for.

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